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To Crate or Not to Crate

To crate or not to crate – dog owners go back and forth on whether they feel the crate is a good idea for their dog. Some people might think it is cruel to lock up their dog however, giving the dog a safe haven is a great idea. A crate is only to be used for safety of the pet when Owners are not home. A crate is a place where your dog can go if they feel scared or unsafe. It is there personal place of safety and never should an owner cross the line into the crate or use it as a place for the dog to be punished in.  It can however, certainly be used as a time out place if the dog is getting out of control around the house. Simply catch the dog and calmly take the dog over to the crate and place them inside or give them their appropriate command to go in and quietly close the door and walk away. Never place the dog in the crate with anger or yelling and never hit the outside of the crate or cross the line into the crate. Keep in mind you would not let a 2 year old child run around the house alone and therefore neither would your puppy do well if left out alone.