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Potty Training

When potty training your new puppy remember that as soon as they go outside it means business first then playtime. You do not want you r new puppy to go outside and play the whole time and as soon as you walk back into the house they are messing on the carpet. As a general rule of thumb a puppy will need to go out within 15 min of eating food and can only hold their bladder for their age in months plus 1 (so if your puppy is 8 weeks – they can only hold their bladder for approx. 3 hours). You want to form a command word for the puppy and be consistent. Praise them with a small treat as soon as the go potty outside. Try to keep your puppy in the same are for the first month so they learn where their space is outside. Then as they grow and get more freedom they can create their own space outside as long as they know the grass is always business first then play and praise after.