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Brushing your pet

Start by choosing a brush appropriate for your pets coat. Longer hair does well with rake-type brushes or bristle brushes work better for short-haired dogs. Daily brushing is better for long hair to help prevent mats while once a week brushing would be ok for short haired dogs. Always brush in the direction of the hair growth and try to work in sections. Best to start brushing at an early age to get them used to it as they grow. Be consistent and go slow – make this a good experience for your pet. You can consider keeping some treats in your non-brushing hand and stop when the pet becomes more interested in the brush than the treats and stop the treats whenever he looks at the brush. Brushing helps to remove foreign objects, helps to control your pets shedding, stimulates blood flow and distributes the skins natural oils, promoting a healthy shine. If left intact mats will start to form and they begin to pull on the skin and can be very painful and uncomfortable for your pet. DO NOT cut out a mat with scissors – better to use hair clippers or take them to a professional groomer!!